Children's day hackathon

KadaHive 2024 Children's Day Hackathon

Embark on an exciting coding journey with the KadaHive Children’s Day Hackathon, an annual event crafted for budding tech enthusiasts aged 5 to 16! 🚀

Imagine the thrill as students join forces in pairs to unravel coding mysteries, kickstarting their coding odyssey. Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, this event challenges young minds to create awe-inspiring projects on Scratch (for computer users) or Pocket Code (for smartphone aficionados).

Parents and schools, here’s your chance to nurture the coding genius in your children! Register them in pairs and watch as they delve into real-world problem statements, igniting their creativity and innovation. But wait, there’s more! The top 12 champions will not only bask in the glory of victory but also walk away with enticing prize money, cool swags, and certificates that scream “Coding Champion!” 

Even if your little coder doesn’t make it to the top, fret not! Every participant will receive a certificate adorned with personalized feedback, marking a significant step in their tech journey.

Our mission? To transform kids from mere technology consumers to the ingenious creators of tomorrow! Join us in shaping the future, one line of code at a time. 🌟👩‍💻👨‍💻

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