Acceleration Program


We can help you scale your vision into a thriving business, whether you are an aspiring founder or an early stage entrepreneur.
While other accelerators have chosen to “scale” and take on an increasing number of companies or cities, we have remained true to our original mission: find awesome companies led by founders we enjoy working with and spend two intense months with them.
Throughout the program, we work on everything from determining product market fit to defining a target market and obtaining the company’s first validation. Additionally, we assist companies in preparing for fundraising and, of course, investor meetings.

What do startups get out of the program?

Creating a business is a solitary and challenging pursuit. Collaboration with others who are experiencing similar difficulties makes a significant difference. Founders who have completed our programs tell us how valuable the Kadahive community is.
During the program, we work on everything from finding product market fit, defining a target market to getting first validation for the company. We are also instrumental in helping companies prepare for fundraising and of course for investor meetings.

What You Get
Are you building the next big thing?
At hive we aspire to see creative minds creating generational solutions using innovative technology in Nigeria and beyond.
Our Framework
Accelerator Process

Kada Hive finds the best startups and scale ups that align with the corporate’s strategy through its proprietary recruitment processes and sourcing platform infused with machine learning.

Portfolio Management

Post-program, Capital Innovators manages the corporate’s Accelerator startup portfolio helping them with strategy, connections, and growth while opening doors for the corporate to engage for pilots, investments, and acquisitions.


Kada Hive handles the entire diligence process looping in the corporate at strategic points to provide industry specific expertise and insight to parse down applicants to the top 5 companies.

Pitch Day
Kada hive hosts a private event for the corporate where its employees get to hear the top 5 startup pitches and provide feedback for the selection process.
Kada Hive analyzes all of the diligence and feedback from Pitch Day and presents it to the corporate to select the 2 companies for the Accelerator.
Kada Hive manages the investment transactions alleviating this intensive process from the corporate.
Kada hive the program with its unique corporate champion engagement model to drive value for both the startups and the partner.

Define strategic program goals and launch marketing campaign to raise awareness for the Accelerator.

Demo Day
Capital Innovators hosts a public or private event for the corporate showcasing the startups that completed the program.